Yes, meditarrneopark.com is the official website of the Mediterraneo Marine Park

Mediterraneo Marine Park opens its doors to the public at 09:30. For closing hours, please refer to our seasonal schedule.

Our Park is located on Coast Road in Bahar ic-Caghaq, Naxxar, Malta; overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Our prices vary depending on the activities you’d like to experience.

Our Dolphin Emotions interactive session is designed to allow participants very close contact with the dolphin. You will also learn more about their needs and how to care for them. More info 

Yes, our swim sessions include wetsuit use. You are asked to use our wetsuits and shower before your session on our premises to reduce risk of contamination to our facilities.

Yes, at an additional cost, our professional photographers can capture your memories with our animals at the Park.

We currently have 160 animals under our care, 49 different species in fact!

We have a range of mammals such as coatis, dolphins, sea lions, a number of parrots in our aviaries and a great selection of reptiles.

Our animals each have their own specific diets to keep them happy and healthy. Coatis are omnivores and eat fruit, veggies, meat, insects and eggs while the snakes enjoy mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits. Our dolphins are fed a variety of fish to make sure they get all the nutrients they need, our sea lions have a similar diet, with a few changes to better suit their needs. Every animal at the Park is given a balanced and regulated diet coordinated by our dedicated Animal Carers.

We use the Operant Conditioning approach where only positive reinforcement is communicated with the animals. Our animals are asked; either with a hand or a sound signal, to voluntarily exhibit a behaviour; if the behaviour exhibited is the desired one, our animals follow our expert trainers’ guidance; they are reinforced with either food, cuddles, toys or any other reward that our animals like. They are given an extra reward for their efforts. None of our animals are ever forced to perform or exhibit any behaviour.

Yes, you can join our experienced trainers in their daily tasks and enjoy our Carer for a Day Programme. If you are an animal carer; contact us to hear more about our job opportunities.

Yes, we offer two types of membership schemes; the Single Membership Card is valid for 1 person for a duration of 12 months while the Family Membership Card is valid for 12 months for a maximum of 4 people. It is possible to add extra members at an additional charge.

FAQs – Mediterraneo Marin Park Malta