Primary and Secondary Students

Our stance on Education is very close to our hearts. We strive to give Primary and Secondary School Students exposure to the complexities and wonders of aquatic mammals, the life of reptiles and the wonders of tropical birds.

Our Educational Programmes are engaging and fun – they serve as interactive educational classes for students learning about the way life works. Targetted at Primary and Secondary students, our Programme engages the Reptiles, Parrots, Sea Lions and Dolphins in our care.

This first-hand exposure gives children the confidence to ask questions and learn more about our animals.

Team Building Days

Education does not only take place when we are young, our Team Building Days are organised for Corporate Companies and Organisations looking to engage their team members in a fun and eye opening experience.

Our programmes are easily adapted for all audiences and will be a great conversation starter at the office. This fun and relaxing experience will show your employees you value their hard work.

Contact us to learn more about our interactive Educational Programmes.

School forms


Cross Curricular Years 1 & 2

Cross Curricular Years 3 & 4

Cross Curricular Years 5 & 6

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