About us

Mediterraneo Marine Park has been one of the island’s greatest entertainment and educational attractions since 1997. The Park is a great place to understand more about wild and exotic animals through the edutainment delivered by our Animal Carers. Our Park allows children and adults to interact with the Coatis, Parrots, Seal Lions, Reptiles and Dolphins in our care.

Set along the magnificent Coast Line, the Park’s backdrop to all this excitement is the wide stretch of the Mediterranean Sea. With unobstructed views of the open sea, guests are invited to explore the Park and discover its beauty.

Due to the sunny climate in Malta, Mediterraneo’s goals of ‘Education, Entertainment and Fun’ can be experienced all year round. The Programmes on offer throughout the year allow the public to learn more about how to care for animals and appreciate their livelihood.

Every animal in our care has a story, our experienced and devoted carers adopt techniques to keep our animals happy and only use positive reinforcement tools to give the animals the necessary exercise and training they require.

Our mother Company Costa Edutainment functions on the motto ‘have fun while learning’ – which is exactly what we promote at Mediterraneo Marine Park. Costa Edutainment fills your free time with activities and experiences that present significant memories to young and old alike. Costa Edutainment is also responsible for the adventures experienced in Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa, Aquafan in Riccione and Biosfena, also situated in Genoa Italy.

Their overall aim is to allow people to socialise and gain cultural, scientific and environmental knowledge while they are enjoying themselves. This is what we believe in too.