Summer in Malta was made for fun! And what better way to make your summer great than with a visit to Mediterraneo Marine Park? Our Park is open throughout the summer and can provide the most enjoyable and educational highlight of your summer; not to mention the unbeatable experience of interacting with some of nature’s most beautiful creatures, taken care of at Mediterraneo.

A visit to Mediterraneo will usually take you through the Marine Park where you can see a variety of exotic animals such as Blue and Gold Macaws, orange Winged Amazons and Green Winged Macaws. Our Aviary; full of Budgies, Cockatiels and Love Birds can also be met up close during our Bird Feeding sessions that can be booked upon arrival.

Other animals you can expect to engage with during the summer months include the reptiles and amphibians found in the Marine Park, including snakes, lizards and frogs.

The highlight of a Mediterraneo Marine Park visit is definitely our Emotions Packages (Swim with the Dolphins) where our magnificent dolphins can be met up close and personal! Enjoy a dry session with the dolphins and even our two South American sea lions, where you can touch the animals, capture your memories with the help of our professional photographers on site and even learn about how to care for these animals with our Animal Carer For A Day experience.

If you’re looking for something more, why not book our most rewarding activity in the Emotions Packages where a guided in-water experience with the dolphins will open your eyes to the wonder and spectacle of the highly intelligent bottlenose dolphins in the Park. Meet Ninu and Cha for an interactive swim, where you will be able to watch the dolphins in their full glory – learn instructions to communicate with the dolphins who are trained with positive reinforcement where treats and physical engagement encourage them to interact in a safe and entertaining manner. Your connection with our dolphins will let you in on the magical experience our carers experience everyday. You’re guaranteed to fall in love with our dolphins as much as us!

Throughout your visit you will be given educational information during our Presentations and learn how to best care for the exotic animals in our care. We also make it a point to focus on sustainability and highlight earth-saving tips that relate to our animals welfare in the wild.

Visiting Mediterraneo Marine Park this summer will not be a one-time thing, our General Entrance experience will draw you back time and time again! Make it extra-special with a bucket-list opportunity while you engage with our dolphins, meet our sea lions and coatis and even learn more about our birds and reptiles at Mediterraneo Marine Park.

Give yourself and your family something to look forward to this summer – book your Mediterraneo experience today!