Parrots are tropical birds that are often kept as pets, their intelligence, beauty, dexterity and great companionship have made them highly interactive animals.

In our Park, we feature a wide variety of Parrots, some of which were either rescued or donated, others adopted – there have also been a great amount of domestic birds that found their way to our Park and were kept for treatment before finding a forever home.

In our Park,you can find Blue and Gold Macaws, orange Winged Amazons, Green Winged Macaws and a great Aviary full of Budgies, Cockatiels and Love Birds.

Parrots Presentation

During the Parrot Presentation, you will meet a number of our star Parrots, including; Mac who is more than 42 years old and shows off his dexterity skills in a visual challenge. He has been with us the longest.

Ariel who flies above the crowd – back and forth to our devoted Animal Carers and Rio who demonstrates the strength and skills Macaws have to climb and manipulate objects.

Parrot Interaction

The Parrot Interaction session is a 15 minute session where you will be able to touch the animals and even learn a few skills to interact with them better.

Here you will also feed the animals and enter the Aviary to fully experience the magic of the wonderful birds in our Park.

did you know?
  1. There are over 390 different species of parrots around the world forming part of the Order Psittaciformes. Budgies and Cockatiel both belong to the Parrot Order and are common pets.
  2. Parrots have strong beaks that can crack through a walnut.
  3. Parrots have strong legs and clawed feet that help them to climb across tree branches, rope and other surfaces.
  4. Parrots are thought to be one of the most intelligent species of birds in the world – they can even imitate a person’s voice.
  5. Parrots can live up to 80 years old – some kept as pets even outlive their owners. Parrot require a lot of care and attention; so choosing a Parrot as a pet may not be ideal to some.