Please read all the text, signing this document as a confirmation of your acceptance of the conditions. You will have a unique opportunity to meet at close quarters and interact with one of our bottlenose dolphins under the supervision of specialized professionals. This will be an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge about these extraordinary ambassadors of the oceans. We would like to inform you about the content of this activity in which you are going to participate. It is purely informative and in your interest, involving marine mammals, our personnel, and animal carers attending the session.

Content and schedule of the Dolphin Emotions Programme – What is included? First of all, an introduction including an explanation of the dolphin’s anatomy, physiology, and conservation status, explained by the animal carer. You will learn how dolphins respond to hand signals and positive reinforcement and discover their fantastic ability to communicate over and under water. Delight in an unforgettable hands-on interaction as you are invited to glide your hand over the dolphin’s soft skin. This Park does not allow or permit fin pulling, tow rides, or dragging.

Dolphin Emotions Program:

  • Minimum Age: 8 (eight) years old
  • Minimum Height: 130 centimeters
  • Note: Children aged 7 (seven) are allowed if accompanied by an adult and meet the minimum height requirement of 130 centimeters.

Dolphin Delight Family Experience:

  • Minimum Age: 6 (six) years old
  • Minimum Height: 120 centimeters

Shallow Experience:

  • Minimum Age: 7 years old
  • Minimum Height: 130 centimeters

Please ensure that you review and fulfill the specific age and height requirements for each activity before participating.

  • Be able to understand English instructions clearly and move comfortably in the water to ensure your enjoyment of the activity while safeguarding your safety, the animals’ safety, as well as that of the animal carers and other participants.
  • Earrings, Necklaces, Watches, Bracelets, any type of piercing, including surgical ones, is prohibited, contact lenses, glasses, spectacles, still and video cameras, hair bands, caps, swim caps, any other object that may fall into the tank and cause harm to the dolphins.
  • Be at the program meeting point 15 minutes prior to the start of the session (delays are not refundable).
  • Take a shower before putting on the wetsuit and entering the tank to remove sunscreen.
  • Underneath the wetsuit or life jackets (provided), you must wear your bathing suits (free from rhinestones or plastic accessories)
  • Fully respect and follow all instructions given by the animal carer and Park personnel before and during the program.
  • Pregnant women are kindly invited to take full responsibility for any situation that may arise during the course of the activity. Similarly, individuals with health concerns are kindly advised to proceed with caution and take appropriate measures.
  • Treat all dolphins with respect and care, avoiding any attitude or behavior that may cause them stress or injury, keeping quiet and calm.

Additional Important Information: Mediterraneo Marine Park endorses an inclusive policy and does its best to accommodate all guests visiting the park. All participants (or their parents, guardians, companions, helpers) must ensure and are responsible for their physical and mental condition not severely limiting their ability to clearly understand and follow instructions, without compromising their safety and well-being, that of the animals, the animal carers, Park personnel, and fellow guests. Participants are obliged to inform Park personnel when in doubt about this. For safety reasons, children under 8 (eight) years of age and persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol cannot participate in the Dolphin Emotions program or any other dolphins activities.


  • You will also have time to view the photos taken by our Park personnel during your interaction with the dolphins and can purchase these from our Photo Shop outlet.
  • Mediterraneo Marine Park hereby reserves the right to use participants’ images taken during the Emotions program with the dolphin for marketing and media purposes.
  • The Dolphin Emotions price includes viewing the Park’s educational areas: Coatis, Sea Lions, Parrots, Reptiles, and Dolphins.
  • If the management of the Mediterraneo Marine Park were forced to interrupt the swimming session or modify or reduce the schedule of educational activities due to climatic, technical, or biological reasons, it reserves the right to postpone the session or reschedule it for a later date. In the event that participants are unable to attend the new date and time, they will be compensated with a voucher to be used within one year from the date of receipt.
  • No refunds are available if participants arrive late or terminate the program sooner than the completion of the session.
  • If pre-booked, cancellations are only accepted if they are notified 3 (three) full days prior to the date of the Dolphin Emotions program session (or any other dolphins activities) booked.

AGREEMENT: I acknowledge, agree, and accept to abide by all the above and overleaf described terms and conditions.