The Reptile Interaction Ticket include:
• The entrance at the Mediterraneo Marine Park to enjoy all the Presentations of the day
• A cup of free birdseed to feed small birds
• 15 minutes interaction with the reptiles (Must be at least 6 years of age)
• The interaction start after the reptile presentation (or other time)
Enjoy an unforgettable experience with our colorful reptiles. Our animal carers will introduce you to our reptiles while giving an educational talk about their characteristics, habitat and diet. This 15-20-minute session is designed to educate and provides a close-up encounter. A unique opportunity to hold and touch the reptiles while a professional expert in the materia show you and help you to learn

• Must be at least 6 years of age

Please select the total number of Adults and Children

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Mediterraneo Marine Park is the venue where exotic birds, aquatic mammals and a variety of other species call home.

Dolphins at Mediterraneo Marine Park Malta


Dolphins are some of the most intelligent animals in the sea, their ability to learn and recognise situations gives them magnificent skills like communication in the form of clicking or whistling.

Sea Lions at Mediterraneo Marine Park Malta


Sea lions are aquatic mammals that travel at fast speeds and use the water to glide over the surface to reach 40km/h! Their agile bodies and quick movements play greatly on their species characteristics.

Parrots at Mediterraneo Marine Park Malta


Parrots are tropical birds that are often kept as pets, their intelligence, beauty, dexterity and great companionship have made them highly interactive animals.

Reptiles at Mediterraneo Marine Park Malta


Reptiles are cold blooded vertebrates. They are often covered in scales or feature hard shells for protection. Reptiles belong to the Class Reptilia and include a vast range of different Families and Species.


Coatis are from the same family as racoons. Coatis can be found around South America; but they have never been found in Chilean natural habitats.

Turtles at Mediterraneo Marine Park Malta


Our Turtle and Tortoise Areas are open throughout the day, all visitors are invited to look at these cold-blooded creatures and observe them as they go about their day.

Dolphin Emotions package at Mediterraneo Marine Park Malta
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